Knowing God is not a destination that we arrive at.  It is a journey on which we continue.
Our relationship with Him deepens as we lead others to know Him and deepen their relationships as well.
At University Baptist, we see this aspect of the vision fulfilled.
Camp Lake Louise:
We have partnered with Camp Lake Louise, a baptist camp in Boyne Falls, Michigan, to encourage kids and families to attend camp and grow in their relationship with God.
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Missionary Update:
Czech Republic
Nora and Pieter are based in Prague, Czech Republic where they serve through International Ministries as liaison and volunteer coordinators with the European Baptist Federation (EBF). They match the skills and interests of short term mission volunteers from the United States and Puerto Rico with the needs of more than 50 Baptist unions that are part of the EBF. There are only 2.4% Bible believing Christians in Europe, making this is a priority mission field.
In the early 1990’s, the opening of former Eastern Block countries in Europe provided numerous opportunities to help and encourage struggling churches and Christian organizations. Today, travel and communication options are changing the world into a global community. These combined factors have led to a greater interest from individuals and churches to be directly involved in ministry and mission in Europe.
The Kalkmans travel extensively, meeting with partners throughout Europe, the Middle East and West Asia to identify needs and to coordinate opportunities for American Baptist churches and individuals to engage in mission in the region. Facilitating the volunteers and volunteer groups is important in developing relationships across national boundaries to glorify God in Europe and around the world.
Languages used in ministry: English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Czech
KIDS HOPE USA is the catalyst for an expanding network of church/school partnerships. These partnerships take on the enormous challenge of kids at risk—One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School at a time—through one-on-one mentoring relationships.
We are looking for a co-director for our Kids Hope program! Please contact us at or Jamil Scott at for more information.